Portable Electronic Indoor Insect Killer


Compared to the traditional chemical electrical indoor mosquito killer, this mosquito zapper is a physical anti-mosquite. To get better results please be patient. It has absolute health(No-Nosie)and safety(Non-toxic) benefits.




Bug zapper lamp,This 2-in-1 mosquito killer lamp is a perfect combination for both zapper bugs, as well as a portable lantern. The worst case scenerio when camping is not being prepared for the pesky bugs. This electric bug zapper is both portable and works remotely without the need to plug into a power source and when needing to see in the night can switch to the high-intensity light mode to have light at night. A must have product when going camping.



Perfect companion when going fishing,

Have you ever gone fishing and come back home with many mosquito bites? Our bug zapper was design to be light-weight and portable to be able to take with you anywhere. Next time you go fishing you can place this bug zapper lamp right next to you and turn on the bug eradicate mode to ensure no mosquitoes bother you while you are fishing.



Are you tired of trying to sleep at night only to hear an annoying buzzing sound from a pesky mosquito?

I sure am and thankfully now don’t have that problem anymore, now that I have this mini bug zapper set up on my tabletop to protect me at night. There is no operating noise so you are sure to have peace in quiet when this is set next to you or near you in your bedroom..


Attract mosquitoes from any angle

We have simplified our design to resemble an elegant lantern.

The bug zapper is user-friendly and only features one button to operate the entire unit and with the 360-degree design we now have more effective range to diverge the light source to attract more mosquitoes and flying bugs.


Design to comply with international safety standard

Safety is our top priority!

We have gone through many testing to ensure this product is safe to use. We design our bug zapper to include a guard around the electric grid to prevent from any accidental touch. Our product is also safe from any harmful toxins and is and safe to have around small kids or pets.


Design to be splash-proof or rinse with running water

One key advantage from this bug zapper is that it has a waterproof rating of IP66. Basically, what this means is that you can use this product when it’s raining or if you are wanting to clean it with rinsing water. Please note* The product can not be submerge under water.

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