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Meet Motion Pillow, 10minds’ flagship product at the CES2019 in Las Vegas, and a CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree!

Motion Pillow is designed for the billions of people in the world who suffer from snoring.

After 4 years of research and development, the advanced technology detects your snores with an efficacy rate of over 90% [well above the industry standard]. Plus, it doesn’t require you to wear anything on your face or nose! This product takes the form of a soft and comfortable memory foam pillow that is completely electricity and radiation-free. Inflatable airbags within the pillow will silently inflate and turn the user’s head when snoring is detected. Its user-friendly smart app also lets you record and measure your snoring patterns. 10minds aims to offer you the restful, snore-free sleep that you and your partner have been longing for.


This “Smart Pillow” really is smart! Motion Pillow can monitor your snoring sounds and also senses where your head is positioned on the pillow. Our uniqueness lies in our patented SPMS(Sleep Pressure Monitoring System) that helps you break your snoring habit.

There are four sections of the pad, which is built into the pillow at the bottom of the pillow to allow maximum sensitivity. The Solution Box “listens” for snoring sounds, and then air is pumped into the pillow, gently and quietly, inflating to around 2–3 inches. It gently moves your head and then slowly deflates, lowering the head back to the original position.

This transformation in position stimulates the relaxed muscles that are generating the snoring sound and resets your breathing. If you start snoring again, the process repeats itself.

The movement and sound of inflation and deflation are so gentle and quiet that it will not wake the user or anyone sleeping nearby. The sensitivity settings can be adjusted for user preference, using the app. This app also records snoring data which can help you track your improvements.

For the first week or two, 10minds recommends users to set it at the highest sensitivity level so that the Solution Box will have time to learn your snoring sound. This is highly advanced artificial intelligence technology for sure, but using it is remarkably simple.

Just plug in the cable, turn on the switch right before you go to sleep, then sleep in a quiet room.



Stop Poking Your Husband

Anti-snoring, Memory Foam, Non-Intrusive Pillow, Patented, Sleep Tech, Head Pressure Sensor




• No Electricity, No Radiation in the Pillow

• Sweat Absorption and Dissipation

• CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam Pillow: Skin-Friendly, Soft, and Reliable

• Rigorously Tested



• 4 Airbags for Precise Head Position

• Efficient Inflation & Deflation to Turn User’s Head

• Whisper Quiet (35db)

• Patented Pressure Sensor



• Track and Analyze Snoring Patterns

• Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report Available

• Easily Adjust Sound Sensitivity, Inflation Height (low-mid-high)



1. Attach the Pillow to the Solution Box!

Attach the Air Pump Connector from the Pillow to the Solution Box, and plug the USB power cable to a power source.


2. Sleep!

Lay your head on the Pillow and sleep!


3. Check Your Snore Data on Your App!

Check your snoring pattern via the App when you wake up. Adjust the settings as needed.

Setting in the App


1. Setting Inflatable Height

Menu(right on the top) > Settings

If you are a light sleeper and inflation of the airbags wakes you up, you can change the inflatable height of the pillow to low.


2. Setting Snoring Pickup Sensitivity

Menu(right on the top) > Settings

If the solution box detects other noises too much, you can change the snoring pickup sensitivity level of the pillow to low.

We recommend to try lowering the ambient noise in the room before changing the settings in the app.


Anti Snore Pillow with Memory Foam, Non-Intrusive, Anti Snoring Device, Anti Snoring Pillow, Snoring Solution - Motion Pillow

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  • SMART PILLOW FOR SNORERS - Anti snoring pillow, anti snoring device as a snoring solution.
  • PATENTED SLEEP PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM - senses where your head is positioned on the pillow. 4 Airbags. Once snoring sound is detected, airbags inflate, gently turning the user's head.
  • HIGH QUALITY PILLOW - Breathable heat dissipation without harmful substances. Sweat absorption, soft, Skin-friendly, Durable and Safe.
  • WORKS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE NIGHT - Detects snoring sounds and tracks sleeping patterns through the App.
  • CONTROL SNORING ISSUES - sleep deprivation, bedroom annoyance, sleep apnea, insomnia, and more.

Motion Pillow is designed for people to sleep without worrying about snoring. This unique product works to gently reposition the user's head when they start snoring.
As a result, the Motion Pillow gives the user the ability to prevent snoring issues such as sleep deprivation and bedroom annoyance.
Sleep gracefully, feel refreshed and have more energy during the day by improving your sleep health. The pillow has cervical support, meaning it supports your neck. The pillow itself has been rigorously tested by CertiPUR-Us, ensuring it generates no harmful substances. The pillow absorbs your sweat and dissipates it to the air quickly. For the best performance, set the pillow to the highest sensitivity level through the application and let the machine study your snoring sounds. After 1-2 weeks you can lower the sensitivity level. This is a deep learning technology, and we hope you find it most helpful in preventing your snoring.

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