Aromatherapy UV Cell Phone Sanitizer


1. This is 3-in-1 product. It can not only phone sterilize, but also a aromatherapy. It Can charge mobile phones, USB interface, available for Apple and Android phones. So, many consumers say it is a magic box! Because it can let you keep healthy without leaving your cell phone.
2. In addition to keeping your favorite belongings germ free, the portable UV sterilizer works as an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser. Put essential oil on the aromatherapy inlet, press aromatherapy switch to start having aroma humidifier for your device. Simply add couple of your favorite aroma drops into inside, it will be freshen your phone.
3. Best holiday gift for father, families and friends. Presented in a stylish box, it’s an ideal gift for health and must-have gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene.

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