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Would you want to have a fun toy to play with your child and the pet? Even outside it is so hot and you want to rest, but you always have to irrigate all your plants to keep your plant alive and your yard looks good.

Hinastar Lawn Sprinkler is now helping you do this! It has a rotary body of 360 degrees and 3 customizable patterns on each neck. Customizable water supply, greater density and perfectly suited to your various needs.

Hinastar Lawn Sprinkler,Automatic Garden Water Sprinkler,Upgrade 360 Degree Rotation Irrigation System with 3600 Square Feet Coverage for Yard,Lawn and Garden(36 Units)

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as of 19 July 2020 03:28

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; [UPGRADE 36 UNITS SPRINKLER ]:Hinastar Garden sprinkler built in 3 adjustable rotating spray arms,each arm comes with 3 kinds and total 36 UNITS different angle spray nozzles, the sprinkler is increased by 24 units than the old version. The...

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 There are three spray pattern adjustment settings as seen in the video. They vary the coverage and density of droplets. It's very light and quite simple, I don't see any issues. My old metal one flaked and clogged, this looks like it will last the next ten seasons.
As the days have been heating up, my lawn and garden have been needing attention so I decided on a sprinkler. This sprinkler works really well. It has wide, even coverage and it does not look like the typical, chunky looking sprinkler. I was surprised when I opened the package. This is a pretty stylish looking sprinkler! Not that my garden cares but I already prefer this over the more traditional options. The design is rather smooth and the green, of course, allows the sprinkler to blend in so, on my lazy days, I can leave it on the lawn without worrying about it looking ugly. At the moment, anyone can see it because my grass is starving but hopefully this will help my lawn green up! Plus, it’s super light but sturdy. I am hoping this one will last me a good while. As for installation, it comes with 2 extra adapters. However, because my hose already has a copper twist tip, there was no need for the adopters. I just had to twist on the sprinkler and start the water! Voila! It did leak a bit, but not enough to complain. As for coverage, I have a pretty large front yard and this is good for getting water to a good bit of my lawn. It works just as well in the garden. As for my kids, this works for them too. Though I did not intend for it to be a source of fun, my son absolutely loves it. It is a win!
So when I first got this, I though ohhhh no. It looks pretty cheap and light weight. For some reason, I figured this needed to be heavy or thicker! anyhow, right now, my child uses it just for fun (jumping over water) so I'm not exactly using it to water the grass. But it actually works just fine. here's a summary some quick pros and con:Pros:- much cheaper than all the ones I compared in store- it has adjustable length so in other words you can get it to spray short or far- super easy to put together- my child thinks its so fun- I thought b/c of how light it was, it was going to flip over but it never didCon:- I wish it was a little heavier on the base just because I'm not sure if this will cause it to have problems in the future? I'm not sure of this since I haven't had it super long so I can't take off a star for it.

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