Bird Flying Toy


Be careful when flying at high altitudes. Go Go Bird may get stuck on roofs, ledges and trees !!!


Why you choose the Go Go Bird flying toy?

We all know the common quadcopter is very popular recently. But it is complex to operate for children or kids. And sometimes maybe dangerous to play due to the lack of safety play experience. Is there a flying toy that is safe, interactive, cute and easy to play for children?

Absolutely yes, This smart flying bird is the perfect combination of traditional remote control and nowday’s trending drone toys. Go Go Bird looks and flies just like a real bird ! Integrating cutting edge AI and intelligent sensing technology, Go Go Bird brings you the most surreal and thrilling remote control flying experience. kids can “fly” their bird up, down, around, through hula hoops and more. When technology meets fun, Go Go Bird gives you all.

  • Fly smart, fly fun : Integrating bionics & AI & aerodynamics & precision machinery technology, with 2.4 GHz wireless remote control, Go Go Bird can offer you amazing remote-control auto flying experience.
  • Smart motion sensor : With six-axis sensor inside, Go Go Bird can do smart taking-off by hand lifting up-and-down, automatic emergency stop in sudden crash or landing situation.
  • Smart obstacle-avoiding : With smart obstacle-avoiding module inside, Infra-Red control, Go Go Bird is capable of autonomous obstacle recognition. Go Go Bird will turn around automatically 6 ft away from the wall for self protection.
  • Magical flying altitude performance : Altitude hold, circle mode, U-turn…all under your remote control. Go Go Bird can satisfy your cool flying needs. It’s time to be your own Captain.
  • Streamlined design & environmental protection : Product streamlined design, with a sense of science and technology, more vivid and fashion. High grade environmental-friendly material, enjoy more & care more.
  • Great lovely interactive toy for fun : Suitable for indoor & outdoor, perfect gift for children, come and explore nature and enjoy family time together.Small size and lightweight design, makes it portable everywhere.


Why not get started with Go Go Bird?


Too difficult for children to play, any option for children?

Go Go Bird, a smart bionic flapping wings mini RC flying bird, looks like a real bird, fly like a real bird. Super lightweight body design and easy-to-use remote control brings you so much fun.


How to make some friends and have fun?

Doing something fun with a friend, which is good for kids to improve their social skills, moreover kids tended to be in better moods around friends.

Fly Go Go Bird with your friends together and laugh out loud, that’s what childhood should be.


How to intrigue kids’ curiosity of high-tech world in a more favorable way?

Go Go Bird, the integration of AI technology, intelligent sensing technology and bionic flapping wings technology, is the perfect combination of high-tech.


How to spend quality family time with my kiddos?

Playing with Go Go Bird together helps to improve the quality of family time, which is the most important thing during child’s growing up.

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