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Smart Indoor Grill

Meet the Grill Smart XL Ninja Foodi, a SMART XL grill, which sifts and crisps the dirt. The creative Smart Cook Device lets you achieve the ideal donation by pressing a button from uncommon to nice. You can barbecue many more big family meals with its XL power, almost without smoking. It even ...

Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Trifo Max robot is designed with advanced home surveillance features to protect your home. His advanced vision system lets him map the most efficient cleaning route, making it a pleasant addition to your smart home system.Trifo Max Home Surveillance ...

First Alert Smoke Detector Alarm

This6-pack hardwired First Warning smoke alarm comes with a 9 volt battery to shield you from power failure. A smoke ionizing sensor and a fast burning fire, and a loud, 85 dezibel warning are featured on the detector. One button stops the alarm and checks the role of the detector, while the lights ...