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Rest Easy Anywhere with CORI, the Travel Pillow that adapts to you

Can’t sleep on the plane? There are so many different types of Travel Pillows out there from the traditional U-shaped ones to sleeping scarves. Why settle for just one type of Travel Pillow when you can create your own and get them all?

Introducing the CORI Travel Pillow, the revolutionary Customizable Travel Pillow that allows you to create your own unique memory foam Travel Pillow to fit you and your preferred sleeping position. Its silky soft fabrics will have you nodding off in no time – no matter your preferred resting position or even if you’re stuck with the middle seat!

Travel in real comfort and support with an ultra-portable pillow and arrive rested and relaxed. Everytime.

CORI all round support

The U-Shape position for All-Round Support

Works, looks and performs better than your classic U-shaped travel pillow. If you are a travel pillow traditionalist, this one is for you. Achieve well-rounded & balanced support to ensure you wake up in your destination refreshed and ache free!

CORI side support

The “Turtle” position for Side Support

Perfect for side sleepers for a nice, cushy feeling while leaning your head to the side. It’s like having your own personal shoulder to lean on that is supportive enough to keep your head in alignment even if you’re in the middle seat.

CORI chin support

The “Be Cosy” position for Front Chin Support

Calling all head bobbers! If you have a tendency to droop your head forward, CORI provides the extra support to cup your head and keep your chin from falling forward, keeping your neck and spine in neutral alignment.

CORI ostrich pillow support

The “Ostrich” position for your head (and eyes!)

If you like leaning against the window, CORI not only provides plush memory foam support but also doubles up as an eye pillow to block out the light while gently hugging your head.

Arrive Rested & Relaxed. Everytime.

Firm Cushioning Support

Firm Cushioning Support

Specially formulated Perfect Recovery Memory Foam combines comfortable cushioning with firm support

Silky soft fabrics

Luxuriously Comfortable

Breathable, cooling and silky soft for luxurious comfort. The covers can easily be removed and washed.

ultralight portable

Ultra light & Portable

Roll, pack and go! CORI weighs 0.54lbs (245g) and measures a mere 4.7″ (12cm) in diameter when rolled. Fits easily into any carry-on.

Perfect holiday gifts

Perfect for Gifts

Give the gift of support! Your loved ones and their necks will thank you for it.

CORI Travel Pillow - World's 1st Customizable Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow That ADAPTS to You for The Best Support, Comfort & Portability (Cerulean Blue)

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  • Meet CORI. The World's 1st Customizable Travel Pillow that ADAPTS to you. Its revolutionary modular design allows you to create your own unique travel pillow that is custom-fitted just for you.
  • [ CUSTOMIZABLE SUPPORT ] : Each set starts with 1 strap and 2 different sized memory foam cushions to offer full customisation. Simply configure the cushions on the strap to suit your unique physique and preferred resting position.
  • [ SUPERIOR COMFORT ] : Snuggle into our Perfect Recovery Memory Foam cushions, luxuriously wrapped in breathable, cooling, silky soft fabric for better rest and happier necks.
  • [ ULTRALIGHT & PORTABLE ] : Weighs 0.54lb and measures a mere 4.7" in diameter when rolled. Fits easily into any carry-on or simply wear it as a scarf.
  • Available in different fun, vibrant colors with removable, washable covers. WATCH THE VIDEO to discover the different support configurations.

Meet CORI. The World's 1st Customizable Travel Pillow that ADAPTS to you. Its revolutionary modular design allows you to create your own unique travel pillow that is CUSTOM-FITTED just for you.

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