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Gourmia Jumbo Salad Spinner


Spin your way for every meal to new, healthy greens!

The Jumbo Salad Spinner from Gourmia is your dream gadget regardless whether you want to create home-made salads or just want a device to rinse the veggie snacks and fruits of your family. A wide capacity bowl for every piece of product is included in the useful drying machine for your breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. Fill the spinning basket with nutritious salad aid and watch it turn into a crisp, dry perfection at mere moments, spinak, carrots, cherry tomatoes and other nourishing food. This simple saladmaker turns you into the ultimate home chef, using convenient hand crank operation and a slippery bottom!

Quick Vegetable Spinner

Avoid the tedious, time-consuming task of hand washing and laying veggies out to dry. With this professional salad spinner, you’ll cut prep time in half as the bowl rinses and dries food at the fastest RPM.

Simple Handheld Ease

Enjoy effortless operation with the locking top’s built-in crank handle and ergonomically designed mechanism. Spin your salad fixings in total comfort, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed.

Multifunctional Basin

The unit’s base bowl provides ample room for loading up multiple servings of lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and beyond. Go from the countertop to the kitchen table without pause, or cover it up for easy fridge storage.

Built-in Drainage System

Our unique spinner integrates a small hole where you can pour in cold water straight from the faucet. Once you’ve washed your greens to cool, crispy perfection, use the spout to drain water for drying.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other industrial and commercial models, this home kitchen best seller proudly boasts BPA free materials that are both food grade and durable. The parts also disassemble for simple cleaning and storage.

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