Luke Roberts ‘Model F’ Gray – Smart LED Pendant Lamp with App Control, Bluetooth, indirect Light, 16 Mio. RGBWW Colors, Amazon Alexa Skill; Perfect for Any Smart Home


Innovative directional lighting

The smart lamp “Model F” is the only lamp that allows you to focus the light in any direction. With the patent pending directional lighting technology you can dynamically illuminate your sofa, table or a painting on a wall – or all three together! This is all possible with a single lamp and without any moving parts. Direct and indirect light can be combined to create the perfect lighting conditions in any room in your house.

Bright and smart Model F is the world’s first lamp with artificial intelligence designed to give you the perfect light whenever you turn it on. Based on your usage patterns, the ambient lighting, the time of the day, or the day of the week, the lamp knows whether you prefer, for example, bright light on the table or colored indirect light on the sofa. The more-than 4.000 lumen lamp is bright enough to illuminate large rooms of up to 320 square feet.

Paint-Your-Light The perfect mood light can be created with the indirect light that illuminates the ceiling in any color of your choice, or combinations of colors, all customisable at any time straight from your smartphone or tablet. Whether watching a film, hosting a party or enjoying a romantic dinner, the Model F lamp will always be able to help creating the mood.

Easy control and “Click Detection”

Controlling the lamp is easy with the free companion app for iOS and Android phones and tablets. To illuminate the left part of your room you paint on the left side on the app, to illuminate the right part of the room you paint on the right side on the app and so on. The more you paint the brighter it gets, and lighting states can be named and saved as “scenes”. You don’t even need the phone to turn on the light. Just use the regular light switch to turn the lamp on and change between light scenes. Switching the lamp quickly off and on tells the lamp to move to your next light scene – we call this “Click Detection”.

One lamp for any situation

Light, wherever you need it

Light, wherever you need it

With Luke Roberts’ “Model F” you can illuminate every room perfectly to your requirements. The light can be moved in any direction and therefore allows you to individually illuminate different areas. Through the directional lighting technology you can point the light to the sofa while reading and separately highlight the dining table while having dinner, as per the room’s requirements.

The perfect light for every situation

The perfect light for every situation

In order to create the ideal vibe in a room, direct and indirect light can be combined. While indirect warm-white light is great to illuminate the room without any glare, colored light can create a nice and cozy ambiance. These lighting possibilities allow you to define the most suitable light setting for every situation and emotion.

Paint Your Light Technology

Easy control through Paint-Your-Light technology

The unique Paint-Your-Light technology allows you to create a personal light scene and move the light in any direction simply by painting on the smartphone or tablet. As soon as you are finished with the creative process, the light scene will be stored automatically within the App. In the future you can recall the light scene whenever you need it, either by using the app, or, thenaks to the combination of artificial intelligence and click detection, by turning on the regular light switch.

Endless lighting possibilities

Endless lighting possibilities

Compared to regular lamps or smart bulbs, Luke Roberts’ Model F offers endless lighting possibilities. The downlight can be directed to any part of the room, while the indirect lightilluminates the ceiling and can be controlled independently.

For the indirect mood-light you can choose your favourite colors out of the full RGBW-color spectrum, combining multiple colors to create different light scenes. For the downlight, you can select a color temperature between 2.700 and 4.000 Kelvin. With >95CRI, the quality of the LEDs is one of the best available on the market and, thanks to technology developed in-house, dimming of the >300 LEDs is completely flicker-free, even at low light levels.

Real Smartness

Real smartness

The artificial intelligence is located directly in the lamp eliminating the need for any additional control hub. The connection between phones and the lamp works with Bluetooth LE, so the lamp can be controlled even without an internet connection.

To deliver the perfect light at the flick of a switch, the lamp learns from the users’ behavior and selects the ideal light setting through a combination of usage pattern, lighting conditions, weekday and time. You don’t even need your phone for this.

Switching between individual light settings is easy using the Luke Roberts App, or through a conventional light switch, simply by turning the switch rapidly off and on again. The lamp recognises this “click” signal and jumps through the saved light scenes.

There are several ambient light and motion sensors present in the Model F, meaning there are already various opportunities for feature and function development.

Luke Roberts 'Model F' Gray - Smart LED Pendant Lamp with App Control, Bluetooth, indirect Light, 16 Mio. RGBWW Colors, Amazon Alexa Skill; Perfect for Any Smart Home

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  • The Model F is a pendant lamp capable of illuminating your ceiling in highly customizable colors, whilst lighting the rest of the room in warm or cool white. Adjust the size and location of the beam as needed.
  • Intuitively controllable and customizable with the free Luke Roberts app, available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for smartphones and tablets (Bluetooth LE). No hub or bridge required. Light alarms included.
  • Directional light technology can focus the downlight to illuminate all of or any part of a room with warm or cool light (max. 4.000lm, warm white/ cool white with 2.700 - 4.000K and CRI>95).
  • Apply fully customizable colored indirect light on the ceiling using "Paint-Your-Light" technology with over 16 million colors. Focus the light where it is needed. (Max 1.400lm, RGBW).
  • Easy installation on the ceiling with adjustable cable length between 0.2 - 1.2m / 0.8 - 4.0ft

The Model F from Luke Roberts gives you the perfect light for any situation. The uplight can be controlled individually from the downlight. Uplight and downlight can also be moved in any direction. This is perfect if you want to illuminate for example the table while you are eating or the couch when you are relaxing. The lamp also learns from your behavior and gives you the perfect light whenever you turn it on. Controlling the lamp is easy with the companion app, Amazon Alexa, Siri shortcuts or even with the traditional light switch.

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