Magnetic Cellphone Mount Clip for Laptop


Multi-function phone bracket

Convenient phone holder

Warm Tips

Know Before Use:


  1. Please be facing down to make a V shape otherwise It will not stand up.
  2. There’s two magnetic attachments on this they both must be taken off as well as the blue backing on each one! Otherwise it blocks the magnet.
  3. Please do not stick it in case it goes outside of case.
  4. Please clean the surface before you stick.



Does not obstruct the screen

Study,work,movies,games,live broadcasts can all be carried out simultaneously


Gift magnet laptop cell phone stand

Complimentary two ferrite magnets (for sticking the back of the phone )



Small and portable with the computer

Does not loosen and does not affect computer use.



Good materials decide everything,make digital life better

1.Aluminum alloy

2.Frosted layer process

3.Cylindrical magnet

4.3M Glue

5.Metal shaft

6.Spiral drawing process

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