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Portable Laptop Bed Table


Use a bed laptop-Ideal bed thesis, which provides a firm basis when you write.
As a sofa-desk our table is perfect for snacks when watching TV or working from your couch on your laptop.
Laptop table on the floor — You can enjoy a pleasant afternoon watching movies and coffee with your buddies.
Standing desk for work — Long sitting can affect your creativity and productivity by staying in one place.
It’s a fun and simple way to do something every day on your laptop. Our table helps you to be more productive.

Elekin Folding Standing Laptop Desk Multi-Function Laptop Bed Table Stand Lap Desk with USB/Cup Holder for Bed Couch Sofa with Little Gift(Small Table Lamp,Small Fan)

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Item Weight4.99 pounds
Product Dimensions23.62 x 15.75 x 10.83 inches
Material TypeMedium density fibreboard
Size60*40*27.5 cm
Manufacturer Part NumberTable-USB

Elekin Laptop Bed Table Portable Laptop Desk with Cup Holder and USB for Bed, Floor, SofaWhy Use A Portable Table?Use a laptop on the bed -Perfect study on bed and this table provides a firm base to keep while writing. As Couch Desk--Our table is perfect for a snack tray while binge watching TV,...

User reviews

My husband and I have been working from home and this little folsing laptop desk is perfect and amazing for setting up a "work station" anywhere around your house or even on your back porch. It has a little usb area on the left side with 4 usb ports (it doesnt support apple products) It measures 23.6"(L)x15.7"(W)x10.8"(H) and can hold up to 88lbs! The legs can fold up so it's pretty flat to save space when not in use. It even has a cup holder and a little tray to hold you ohone or tablet in place at a good angle for zoom meetings and viewing online learning activities for my homeschooling kiddo. Very pleased with the quality and design of this!
I have been working from home lately due to the COVID quarantine and have been able to work at the convenience of my own bed. I literally would put my laptop on my lap and work hunched over for 8 hours on it. This was starting to give me back pain and I was tired of it, so I figured this would be a good buy. I must say, I am not disappointed whatsoever. The table feels very sturdy and is a nice size. There is a lot of room for a laptop, mouse, as well my coffee and cell phone. Also, it is easy to fold up after use and portable enough to stick right under my bed. I haven’t had any problems with it standing upright while using it on my bed or couch. I like that I don’t have to hunch over to use my laptop anymore, it is at a perfect height which makes it comfortable to be working on for my whole shift. Another plus, would also be that it has USB ports, I have used the little light and fan attachments that this also came with and they work well. If you are looking for a laptop desk, this is one to consider as I have really enjoyed using it ever since I received it.
 I really was in need of a small desk I could use on my bed now that I am working from home more often, my back was starting to hurt every time I would type on my laptop cause I was hitched over. So I looked at a few and decided to get this one.I really wanted to give it a 5 star. I’m a very easy person to please and generally love everything I buy cause I have a good sense of judgment but there was one thing about this that I didn’t quite like... so the quality is great!! It’s nice, strong and a really good size, it’s bigger than it looks in the pics!! It’s large enough to fit my laptop, my phone, my stationary and still be able to use the left side to take notes on a tablet! So the thing that drove me bonkers was the cup holder isn’t glued to the desk, I think it was purposely made that way cause there are some drinks that are larger and if you take the cup holder out it can fit larger cup drinks.. so that I understand could be possibly why it was made that way! If it does better you, maybe take some wood glue and secure it.. no need to cry about it, it’s an easy fix!!The USB ports did work, I have used them many times.... you do need to use a stronger cube than a basic iPhone like one... in order to charge multiple things I suggest you use a larger cube like from an iPad...The legs are easy to open and close, possible to easy so just careful how you hit or bang it!!There is a spot at the top of the desk where you can place your iPad and use as a holder... it’ll only work if you don’t have a case on your iPad It tablet. I have actually used that little area to hold up my iPad while in a laid back position! The leg room is spacious, it fits well over my lap and I can even cross my legs and fit. (I am petite... you may get different results)So in all this desk is great, just had a few things I wanted to point out!!Would I buy this again? Probably yes if I ever needed another one. It’s served its purpose Well, I have been using it a few times daily minimal 5 days a week and it has not failed me yet. My grandson did spill his water cup on the USB ports and I dried it up right away and they still do work! Yay!!!I like it!!

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