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Trtl Plus Travel Pillow


Trtl Pillow Plus – The Fully Adjustable Travel Pillow

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Travel Neck Pillow From Trtl

The Trtl Pillow Plus is the premium adjustableergonomic and breathable travel pillow. Customise your comfort with the Trtl Pillow Plus.

A must have airplane travel accessory that can also be used for car travel, rail travel or for just relaxing at home. Based on the popular scientifically proven neck pillow, the Trtl Pillow, this new travel pillow will give you even more comfort features with the same quality and ergonomic design. The Trtl Pillow Plus will soon become your next travel essential. Upgrade your sleep and leave your inflatable travel pillow at home. Trtl travel accessories are designed with your travel comfort in mind.

Trtl Pillow Plus includes a water resistant travel bag, so you can keep your pillow fresh on the go. Trtl Pillow Plus is even fully machine washable, so you can take it anywhere and keep it clean for your next trip. If you’re looking for a head support for travel, the Trtl Pillow Plus is the ultimate adjustable travel pillow.

Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel, Car Travel, Rail Travel and more

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Adjust the height of your Trtl Pillow Plus using the twisty toggles to create your own customised fit.

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The internal support provides premium comfort during your nap, keeping your head and neck in an ergonomic position.

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Ensures that you can sleep at a pleasant temperature during your journey.

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With every Trtl Pillow Plus you will receive a free water resistant travel bag. Super easy to attach to any bag or luggage with a carabiner clip.

Travel Pillow Features

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Travel in Comfort

  • The height customisation feature means you can adjust the pillow to cater for your needs, ensuring you get the perfect sleep position every time and relax during your journey
  • With plush foam padding for a luxuriously comfy feeling as you sink into the super-soft microfleece lining. The breathable mesh fabric help to regulate temperature, to ensure maximum comfort at all times
  • Based on the scientifically proven Trtl Pillow we’ve designed the Trtl Pillow Plus with ergonomic support in mind
  • Designed with a breathable fabric to allow for better airflow giving you a comfortably journey

Whether you travel by plane, train or car your Trtl Pillow Plus will allow you to sleep comfortably on the go.

How To Wear Trtl Pillow Plus

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Place the scarf and support around your head and prepare to adjust

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Use the two twisty toggles to find your preferred pillow height

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Wrap the scarf around your head and secure with the scarf velcro and relax

Trtl Pillow Plus Feature Overview

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Trtl Pillow Plus – Designed for Everyone

  1. Adjustable Support = Comfortable Sleep
  2. Twisty Toggles = Customisable height
  3. Plus Foam Padding = Ultimate Comfort
  4. Super-Soft Microfleece = Snuggly Sleep
  5. Breathable Fabric = Pleasant Temperature
  6. Easily Adaptable = Perfect Fit

Building on the success of the original Trtl Travel Pillow, the world’s first wrappable neck pillow for travel, the new Trtl Pillow Plus features a brand new, patented internal neck support, which allows you to adjust the pillow to your height, is super adaptable and fully customisable to your head and neck. Plush foam padding is means this neck pillow is more comfortable than the plane head rest. Breathable materials help to regulate temperature.

The Trtl Pillow Plus is truly anew evolution of the travel pillow.There was a time when you couldn’t customise your pillow to your height or size, and as humans we come in all different shapes and sizes. Because of this some people weren’t catered for at all and no-one was catered for as well as was possible.At Trtl, we researched the needs of travellers from all over the world and realised we needed to create a travel pillow that would allow everyone to customise their comfort, so they can fully rest while travelling and be fully refreshed and ready for everything their trips have to offer.The Trtl Travel Pillow Plus has been two years in the making and is truly a world first in bespoke travel comfort with over 80 possible configurations: it is height adjustable, breathable and ergonomic and we believe the ultimate in travel pillow comfort.

trtl Pillow Plus, Travel Pillow - Fully Adjustable Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel, Car, Bus and Rail. (Pink) Includes Water Proof Carry Bag and Setup Guide Travel Accessories

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  • TRTL PILLOW PLUS, THE FULLY ADJUSTABLE TRAVEL PILLOW, scientifically engineered with ergonomic design, height adjustability and in-built breathability. Adjust your pillow and find your perfect sleep position
  • PREMIUM COMFORT with super soft cushioned support for your head to comfortably rest on. Rest your head on the comfortable premium padding and get a great rest when you travel
  • SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED ERGONOMIC DESIGN, designed to give you the best neck support when on the airplane, train, bus or even at home on the sofa
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT WITH FREE WATERPROOF CARRY BAG, easily travel with your pillow to wherever your journey takes you and attach to your luggage for easy carrying. Store your pillow with the free waterproof carry bag, ensuring your pillow is protected. Use your bag to store your belongings mid flight while using your pillow
  • MACHINE WASHABLE, keep your pillow fresh and clean for your next trip with an easy to wash detachable scarf. Detach the internal support and wash to keep your travel pillow fresh for each trip

Trtl Pillow Plus - The fully adjustable travel neck pillow. Great for taking on an airplane, car or bus ride, the train or even for using at home. The trtl pillow plus was a successful kickstarter project and fully funded in only 6 hours. Modelled from the popular scientifically proven Trtl Pillow, the Trtl Pillow Plus includes several feature enhancements to improve your experience. A must have neck pillow for your next trip or as a great travel gadget gift.

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